GOLDEN EAGLE NATIVE FLUTE -F Sharp - 440 Hz - cedar

VAT included

The Golden Eagle - key of "F " minor has a haunting, ethereal voice that touches the heart and spirit. It is recommended for those that have experience playing the Native flute or have played other wind instruments.
Made from domestic aromatic cedar, a softwood. The flute is sealed with non-toxic oils, which give it a warm, resonant and full voice. It is deeper in tone than the Red Tail Hawk.

The Golden Eagle flute is a good accompaniment flute for the Contra Bass "F " flute and the Kestrel in the key of "F ".

The flute is tuned in the key of "F " minor and it can also be played in the relative major diatonic scale in the key of "A".

It is 25" long.


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This is a 6-hole flute, we cover the 3rd hole from the top of the flute (known as the 6th hole) with a leather tie, giving the option to use it as a 6-hole or a 5-hole flute. 

Each flute includes a FREE Tutorial DVD, Instruction Booklet

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