Handpan drum

Handpan drum

The handpan is a relatively new instrument. It consists of a steel frame in which, by deforming different areas...

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Somni Handpan

Price €1,650.00
These sonorous sculptures are created by hand one by one, giving a unique and characteristic sound. It is the fusion of several instruments, the gong, the steelpan, the gatam, the udu among others. It has a magical sound, precise tuning and perfect harmony. Built in Spain in a traditional way. They can be ordered in different scales. Check availability or delivery time. We always try to have some sample in our store in Madrid, with which, you can go to try it.

Sew Maestro Handpan

Price €1,350.00
Handpan of excellent quality/price ratio. It has a balanced timbre and good tuning stability. Oxidation resistant. Plastic ring. Includes hard case and oil for maintenance. Diameter: 22" (55cm) Made in Italy. Check the current availability.