Music Therapy

The solution of a multitude of problems using music as a tool is increasingly present in our society. The benefits of music on our body and our mind are indisputable. We offer a series of instruments for Music Therapy that, in some cases, are rare or known to the general public but that, little by little, are becoming more and more familiar, such as Zaphir chimes, Koshi, Tibetan bowls and quartz, etc.

IMPORTANT: The categories that appear in this section are its own, but there are other sections of the web that contain instruments that can be used in the field of music therapy. We recommend that you open the main menu of the web to access all those that we consider that could be included.

Koshi Chimes

The Koshi chimes are made with a succession of 8 perfectly tuned rods inside a bambu cylinder. By holding the...

Koshi Chime instruments

The quartz crystal singing bowls provide a new dimension into the world of vibration and sound. Are based on the...

Singing Bowls

Our East Indian partner selects only the highest quality singing bowls. Their form and sound is excellent. Each...

Shanti Zaphir Chimes

the Joy to continue, and create this magic instrument with its rich and harmonic sound, inspired  us   to innovate...

Shruti Box

The Shurti Box is an instrument used to accompany the voice, although in India it is also used to accompany...

Ocean drums

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