Hugh Tracey Kalimbas

Musical instrument spread throughout the African continent. Different names, depending on countries and peoples: Malimba, mbira, kisaanji, likembe, Sanza ..

It has a set of slides of different length and material, hard but flexible, such as metal or cane. Are attached to a bridge at one end, and they have free the other, so that make sounds when pressed with your fingers on the free ends. The dimensions of the plates determine the frequencies that can vibrate, resulting in different grades to give. Thus, varying the tone or tune the instrument amounts to lengthen or decrease the length of the plates. The soundboard is built on the bridge can take many forms and be of different materials. They may also be of solid wood. It is holding with both hands and played with the thumbs.

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Hugh Tracey pentatopnic Kalimba with pick-up

Price €136.50
The pentatonic scale is also called the "no fault scale". It starts out like "Do-Re-Mi", skips "fa", continues with "So-La", and skips "Ti". So, there are 5 notes. You can play in G major or E minor. This is an excellent kalimba for people with little or no musical experience, but experienced musicians can really fly on this one, as the pentatonic scale lets you apply all your speed and shine almost without you having to think at all (yes, you remember the "blues scale" on guitar -- this is it!) With pick-up.