Wind Instr.

The number of wind instruments in the world with very different shapes, materials, timbres and playing techniques is impressive. From the bagpipes, very widespread throughout Europe, although there are also in other cultures, such as the Arab, traditional oboes, transverse flutes such as the bansuri of India, the dizi of China or the wooden ones, predecessors of the classic metal ones such as the traditional irish. Recorders like Irish whistles, or ceramic like ocarinas.


Galician Bagpipes and...

Our Galician bagpipes are made in Galicia by a highly experienced maker(3rd generation). They have an excellent...


The ocarina is an ancient flute-like wind instrument. It is often ceramic, but other materials may also be used,...

Other bagpipes

The bagpipes are traditional instruments that have been distributed by many countries around the world.

SUSATO Txistus

Txistu is a three-hole flute used in music from the Basque Country. Txistu is played with a drum.

Whistles & Low Whistles

The whistle is a simple flute traditionally used in Irish music. It is a recorder, generally metallic, with 6...


Native american flutes

These flutes sound magical! And they are easy to play - (no previous knowledge necessary. Setup for 5 (pentatonic)...


The melodica is a free-reed instrument similar to the melodeon and harmonica.


The chalumeau is a small keyless wooden clarinet with the same fingering as the recorder (German fingering). It is...


The concertina, like other accordions, is a member of the family of free reed instruments.

It was invented...


The Clariphone is a small wind instrument that is a hybrid between the Chalumeau and the Xaphoon. The starting...


The Xaphoon is a keyless wind instrument, very similar to the European chalumeau, which was the predecessor of the...

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