Reeds for Galician bagpipes

The reed of a bagpipe is, perhaps, the most delicate of the instrument. Its behavior varies depending on the humidity and temperature conditions of the environment. It consists of two cane blades that vibrate as the air passes and generates the sound that later forms the chanter. The reeds has particular dimensions for each tuning. Buy the one that suits you best for your bagpipes. We have pallets of good reeds makers. You will see that, in some cases, it is indicated that it is for bagpipes from the Corral or Seivane style. These are bagpipe makers who have marked two different styles of bagpipes and there are reeds whose construction is more suitable for one or the other. Those of the Seivane style are also called conical and those of the Corral school, square. You will have to know which of the two schools your bagpipe fits.

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Case for reeds

Price €15.00
New case for transporting reeds. Made of hard plastic, lockable. Capacity for 10 redes from D to G. It has two holes with cover to incorporate a gel that slowly releases moisture. Ideal for hot weather.

Iglesias reed for C - square

Price €16.40
Reed for galician babpipes in C. This conical reed is ideal for chanters made by Seivane, Lis, Afonso Castro, David Cabuérniga, Dams. Square model is suitable for chanters made by Corral, Gil, Oli, Prieto, Patricia Cela... Hard plastic case included.