The practice of percussion provides a multitude of benefits in many ways: it favors concentration, develops both cerebral hemispheres, provides a feeling of union between those who practice it in a group, develops creativity, improvisation ... it is an ancient practice that does to surface our most ancestral part. Proof of this is the great proliferation that Brazilian Percussion groups are having in which a large number of people all over the World participate.

At Tununtunumba we have a wide selection of percussion instruments. If you are a percussionist or are interested in percussion, you will surely find something that interests you. And if not, contact us and we will get it for you.

Brazilian Percussion

Brazilian percussion is spreading throughout the world for their strength and energy. We have an extensive catalog...


Musical instrument spread throughout the African continent. Different names, depending on countries and peoples:...


The darbuka (also called doumbek) is a percussion instrument of Arabic origin used throughout the Middle East,...


The flamenco cajon is an evolution of the Peruvian cajon to which some strings (or bordones) have been...


The bodhran is the most used Irish percussion instrument in traditional music. It is played with a drumstick (or...


The djembe is one of the best known African percussion instruments and one that has spread the most throughout the...


Tambourines are universal percussion instruments, there are them all over the world, but in each place they have...

Frame Drums

The frame drum is a universal percussion instrument that is played throughout the world with different...

Square Drums

The Peñaparda square drum is a square-shaped tambourine used in a town of Salamanca which took its name...


The gong is an ancient percussion instrument originating in East Asia. It is a metal disc or plate made of metal...

Jews harps

The mouth harp, also called Jew's harp, berimbau, etc, is a musical instrument idiophone small and rather...

Small Percussion

There are a wide variety of small percussion instruments that are commonly used to make rhythm or some sound...


The riq (also spelled riqq or rik) is a type of...

Tongue drums

The Nataraj is a type of Tongue Drum or Tongue Drum made in India. It has an excellent quality / price ratio. They...

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Surdo protector

Price €13.10
Protect your legs from the rubbing of the rods of the surdo. Pad made of velor, with 4cm padding. 4 velcro straps to attach to the surdo rods. Dimensions: 45x45cm

Indian Tabla

Price €330.00
Wooden shell (tabla) and metal corpus (bayan. Sensitive heads with high quality black syahi dots for excellent tonal purity with padded textile rings and tuning hammer. Padded bag included. Wide tonal range and warm enchanting timbre. Mowdays the most popular Indian handdrums. India. The Indian tabla is a set of two drums, one high (usually made of wood) and the other low (usually made of metal). It is one of the most popular Indian percussion instruments. It has a very refined technique with which they achieve a truly virtuosic performance, with a very elaborate rhythmic development.

Mbira 15 notes with pick-up

Price €225.00
The Mbira in the Mozambican socio-cultural and historical context The Mbira is a source of identity, recreation, education and social cohesion for the VaNyungwe, VaShona, VaSena, VaNdawu, VaTsonga ethnic groups of Mozambique. Its first records in Mozambique, dates from 1586, this being an instrument played and manufactured to this day.

Traditional bass drum - 25x20cm.

Price €200.90
Traditional bass drum with rope and leather tensioners. Shell and 8mm birch wood rings (5 sheets). Goatskin drumheads with wooden ring. Gonalca, Made in Spain. The specified measurements are patch diameter x heads spacing.

Somni Handpan

Price €1,650.00
These sonorous sculptures are created by hand one by one, giving a unique and characteristic sound. It is the fusion of several instruments, the gong, the steelpan, the gatam, the udu among others. It has a magical sound, precise tuning and perfect harmony. Built in Spain in a traditional way. They can be ordered in different scales. Check availability or delivery time. We always try to have some sample in our store in Madrid, with which, you can go to try it.

Nataraj tank drum, C-pentatonic

Price €198.95
Quality steel tongue drum with resistant paint. C major pentatonic scale: C, D, E, G, A, C, D, E. Tuned with reference to A 440Hz. The scale is called Raga Bhopali in India. Cheerful, bright, bell-like sound. Tuning designed for a happy mood. Easy to play with your fingers or drumsticks. Includes drumsticks with rubber ball and cover. Made in India.