Shamanic Drums

The shamanic drum is an easy-to-play frame drum. It is held at the back without touching the frame, which gives it great sound. They are often used for meditation, rituals, or for the mere pleasure of enjoying their sound. We recommend buying those that have a tensioner system since, depending on the humidity of the environment, the patch changes in tension (if it is made of natural leather). If you do not have tensioners, the only way to adjust it is by applying heat (if it is relaxed) or moistening the skin (if it is very tight). This is cumbersome and, in addition, with these procedures, the tension recovers again in a short time. With tensioners, it is much simpler and more practical. If you go to see the articles, you will see that we have them with 3 systems of tensioners:

with allen key (those of Victor Barral)
with bicycle pump (those of Tumtaka)
manually moving some knots that the cordage carries (those of Juanjo Paniagua)

Made of leather or synthetic patch. They include a drumstick.

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