Tumtaka Shamanic drum - goat skin - Tunable

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TUNABLE shamanic drum. In this shamanic drum model, the tension of the skin can be modified through a bicycle wheel chamber that is carried in the frame under the skin.
It is handcrafted in Spain.
Measurements: 40cms. diameter x 6cms. frame.
The fact of being able to change the tension of the head is very useful, since the skins change tension every day, depending on the humidity of the environment. In this way, we can compensate for any variation quickly and easily and thus always have the sound that each one wants to achieve. If we give air with a simple bicycle pump, the skin will tighten and it will sound higher. If we breathe out, the skin will relax and sound lower. There are times that, if it is flabby, it does not even sound, so by giving a little air.

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The appearance is different in each model as it depends on the animal's skin.


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