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Price €27.50
A quality 25-note Glockenspiel (from G5 to G7) with silver plated sound blocks, encased in a sky-blue plastic carrier case, making this portable instrument ideal for home use and use in schools. The silver plated sound blocks are rested on silicon buffers, to dampen the sound, making the notes reverberate for longer. The case has special holes beneath the sound blocks to help the sound resonate and when the legs of the case are erected, this increases the resonance of the instrument, creating a bright and lasting sound. Comes with 2 round-headed beaters.

Indian Tabla

Price €355.00
Wooden shell (tabla) and metal corpus (bayan. Sensitive heads with high quality black syahi dots for excellent tonal purity with padded textile rings and tuning hammer. Padded bag included. Wide tonal range and warm enchanting timbre. Mowdays the most popular Indian handdrums. India. The Indian tabla is a set of two drums, one high (usually made of wood) and the other low (usually made of metal). It is one of the most popular Indian percussion instruments. It has a very refined technique with which they achieve a truly virtuosic performance, with a very elaborate rhythmic development.

Wooden Bongó

Price €52.50
The wooden bongo is an instrument derived from the traditional bongo from Cuba. It has two sounds with different tones. Take a look at the video to get an idea of what it sounds like.Handcrafted in Spain.


Price €218.60
Ideal snare drum for percussionists who play with their hands. The upper part is wooden and carries rattles and adjunstable snare so that it gets a sound similar to that of a conventional snare drum. Shell & top birch. Drumhead Remo UT. 6 tensión points. Metal hoop. Brazilian tambourine jingle. Strainer STF

Tom Legüero 14"

Price €220.00
Tom legüero with 14 "(35cm.) drum head. Birch wood hull and beech ring. Goatskin head with hair, Gonalca lugs 2004, 42mm tension screw. SANTAFE. Hecho en España. You can use the clamp ref. 7162 to put it on a standard stand. The bag ref.  6019

Washboard - small

Price €59.50
Add a unique and rhythmic touch to your music with our small Washboard. This versatile, easy-to-play instrument is perfect for genres such as blues, jazz and folk music. Quality Materials: Constructed from durable wood and a corrugated metal surface, designed to produce crisp, clear sound. Easy to Use: Ideal for both beginners and experienced musicians, it is played with thimbles, drumsticks or brushes. Portable: Lightweight and compact, easy to transport to any performance or jam session. Dimensions: 48 cm high x 22 cm wide. Includes 3 thimbles. Unique Sound: Provides a distinctive percussive rhythm that complements various musical styles. Versatility: Perfect for live performances, recordings and jam sessions. You have a video below.


Price €75.40
Traditional rhythmic instrument widely used in the Blues and Country music. It is played with metal thimbles. Beech wood frame and metal center. Dimensions: 21,65 x 12,80 x 1,40 inch.

Tongue Drum 8 Tones

Price €298.00
Pentatonic F maj f-a', padouk/pine wood, 24 x 8 x 7.2 inch. The precisely pentatonic-tuned Profiline tongue drum can be used as a rhythm and melody instrument. Comes with two mallets.

Gutank - tuning on request

Price €160.00
The Gutank is a melodic percussion instrument of the Tongue Drum type like others that have come out of the wake of the Hangdrum or Handpan. In this case, the peculiarity is that it is built by hand by recycling propane cylinders. It has a magical sound and perfectly tuned. It can be played with drumsticks (which is included) or with the fingers striking with relaxed hands. It also includes a small backpack for transport. It is built in various scales and colors. You can check the available models or request a delivery time for a model that is not in stock. More information about the possible scales in the document that you can see below in Attachments. Made in Spain.

Set of 8 bells in C Major

Price €76.90
Set of 8 tuned bells (from Do5 to C6) - Diatonic play. Supplied in a cardboard box. These 2 in 1 bells to shake or to strike each make a note of music. The colors of these bells make it easy to recognize the range and play a melody.

Pumpkin udu

Price €75.00
The udu is a percussion instrument of African origin. It is originally made of ceramic, with the consequent fragility against any blow. This udu is made with a pumpkin, so it makes it more resistant. The bass is very similar to that achieved with a ceramic one, but the blow to the body is drier.