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Carrasclás (or Carajillo)

Price €12.75
The carrasclás or carajillo is a popular percussion instrument that is played by tapping with the fingers. It is made of pine wood body with and a sheet of beech wood. Dimensions approx: 7.5x10x4cm Weight: 75gr Handmade in Spain

Cabalonga shaker

Price €39.50
Cabalonga seed shells inserted into rope. Soft and very relaxing sound. It can be shaken or pounded rhythmically. Ritual instrument from the Andes. It is also used for meditation, therapy, and shamanic practice. Colombia.

Cas cas Thelevi (keseng-keseng)

Price €11.00
Small percussion half rattle and half juggling game It consists of two balls/rattles made from the Oncoba Spinosa tree, joined by a cord that is played with one of the two hands. If you want one for each hand, you have to buy two units Also known as Thelevi, Asalato or Keseng-Keseng The Cas Cas is an instrument originating from Ghana It is used to mark the rhythm.

Pagoda bell Mo Chua - Pequeña (5cm x 4cm aprox.)

Price €7.90
t is difficult to ascertain the bells origin, but the oldest units we possess are Chinese and date from the first millennium BC. Its elaborate shape and tuning suggest that these instruments had achieved an advanced level of musical performance. They are used in Eastern pagodas during religious ceremonies. Their sound is expressive, deep, warm and magical at the same time! Made of wood. It includes mallet. Size: approx 5cm x 4cm / 2" x 1.5"