Traditional drums and bass drums

Traditional drums

Traditional drums made of wood, natural skin heads and rope tuned.

Bass drums

The Bass Drum is a percussion musical instrument characterized by producing low-pitched and deep sounds. Bass...

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Traditional bass drum - 25x20cm.

Regular price €220.00 -13% Price €191.40
Traditional bass drum with rope and leather tensioners. Shell and 8mm birch wood rings (5 sheets). Goatskin drumheads with wooden ring. Gonalca, Made in Spain. The specified measurements are patch diameter x heads spacing.

Galician drum - 25x20cms

Price €234.00
Galician traditional drum. Diameter: 25cms. - Height: 20cm. Birch body and rings of 8 mm (5 layers). Traditional rope tensioners. The specified height is the distance between drumheads. Wooden rings that hold the skin protrude about 5 cm more. Serves the bags ref. 2746 and 1819 Made in Spain.

Drum bag - 47x55cms. 33mm padded

Price €66.89
Case for drum 47x55cm (inner diameter x depth) Made of plasticized polyester with black polyester lining 33mm padding Padded handle for comfort Top pocket for spare head or other accessories Crossbody bag to carry on the shoulder