CONTEMPORÁNEA Snare drums (Caixas)

The caixa or Brazilian percussion box is an instrument, usually made of metal, with a beater head (the one that is struck) and a snare head. The snare head is thinner and a system is mounted on it that produces a "vibrating" effect. This system can be made with one or a few wound strings or a snare made of several metallic threads that, when in contact with the head, have the effect of "dirtying" the sound, giving the instrument its characteristic timbre. There are different patch sizes and some are different. The most commonly used diameter is 14 "(35cms.)

Contemporanea is one of the most important brands in Brazilian percussion. It has a professional line and a cheaper one called Contemporanea Light. In the latter, the instruments are a little lighter and the aluminum is not polished, which reduces the cost considerably.

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Contemporánea Light caixa 10"X10cm

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CONTEMPORARY LIGHT caja. Dimensions: 10"x4", a new line of Contemporânea, replacing the Ginga line and surpasses in quality. - Much less weight, the material is brushed aluminum, 0.8mm - Steel rings, coated transparent (not painted) - Material hoops and rods is the same as the professional Contemporanea range. The number of rods deoebds on the diameter.