The djembe is one of the best known African percussion instruments and one that has spread the most throughout the world.

They are cup-shaped and traditionally made of wood and goatskin. The skin is tightened by the braiding of a string that starts from a metal ring that surrounds the head, made of goatskin.

As for its timbral possibilities, like most percussion instruments, it fundamentally has a low sound, a "clean" high and a "dirty" high. The bass is achieved by striking in the center with the open hand, but with the fingers together. The sharp "clean" is removed by tapping on the edge with the fingers together (except the thumb) and the "dirty" (also called "slap") is achieved by dropping the fingers relaxed on the edge of the patch, and doing a little pressure when "landing" the hand on it.

The larger ones can be played while sitting down, with the bottom resting on the floor and giving it a slight incline so that the sound comes out. It can also be played standing up by hanging it on a strap. The medium and small ones must be played holding them with the legs, or also standing with a strap. 

Djembes from Senegal

Our djembes from Senegal come from the capital of Senegal, Dakar, where we find the craftsmen specialized in the...

Djembe bags

Protect your djembe with a good case. The djembe is an instrument that is usually carried a lot. It is very usual...

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