The flamenco cajon is an evolution of the Peruvian cajon which have added some strings behind the cover to provide a sound "gritty" very particular.

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Pepote Camino travel flamenco cajon

Price €99.00
Portable flamenco cajón  6mm birch wood body walnut top Bass Reflex interior system to enhance bass 10 snares This drawer is very practical due to its dimensions. You can take it anywhere to practice or you can use it to play standing up, adjusted to the shoulder or waist with the built-in strap Incredible sound for its dimensions. Dimensions: 28.5 x 28.5 x 13cm

Katho Mod. FIESTA Flamenco Cajon

Price €97.90
This is the the most economic adult cajon from all KATHO model lines. It's a basic model with surprising sound quality and shall not be missed on each real party "Fiesta"! Characteristics: Birchwood body, sound plate of Mukali wood, 2 V-strings and tuning syestem included.Dimensions: 47 x 29 x 29 cm. Weight approx. 5 kg.

Katho Mod. Basik Cajon

Price €124.00
10 mm calabó wood finish frame and back cover with hole thickening of 17 mm. Bubinga cober. Four V-shaped strings with tuning system. Allen key for tuning. Measures: 47 x 29 x 29 cm

Travel Flamenco cajon

Price €45.00
Travel cajón with the possibility of standing up. It has some clips to hang with a strap (not included). if you want to buy a strap, the simplest is ref. 0706. Poplar wood body and top. Adjustable snare with guitar plug Dimensions: 34 x 25,5 x 12,5cms Handmade in Spain. The design of the top may vary from one model to another.

Camarada Flamenco Box - Mirabrás Classic model.

Price €440.00
Heavy and robust cajon. Moderate volume. Rich in nuances. It stands out for the elegance of its sound, sensitivity and compression. Spectacular sound both in the studio and live. 12mm birch shell. Top finished in Virginia tulip tree 2.6mm thick in 5 layers. 4-string snare drum with independent tensioners with guitar peg. Totally professional drawer. Made in Spain.

Flamenco Cajon Katho model Alhambra Natural

Price €107.00
Cheap but very complete flamenco box Mid-range cajon, ideal for learning as well as professional use Snare with four strings in parallel Tuning with knobs on the lower external part Thickened hole 12mm Birch 100% polyurethane varnish silicone feet Measures 48x29X29.8cm Great value for the price