Jews harps

The mouth harp, also called Jew's harp, berimbau, etc, is a musical instrument idiophone small and rather simple.

It is usually made up of a metal or wooden frame (in some places in Southeast Asia this arch or armor is usually made of bamboo) with a metal tab in the middle. The shape of the entire instrument is reminiscent of a φ. The hoop is usually held in the mouth. By vibrating the central plate with the fingers, the oral cavity acts as a resonance box and amplifies the sound from said vibration, which can be modulated with vocalizations, with breath strokes and other resources. It is an ancestral and universal instrument that is found practically throughout the world.

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Arpa De Boca Triple Kou Xiang

Price €22.75
This triple brass mouth harp is tuned as a melodic unit. Each one of the three reeds is tuned to a tonic from which you can produce all its harmonics. It can be understood as a pocket polyphonic synthesizer for experimental musicians. The instrument body is so solid that it does not vibrate when played. The reeds allows great movement versatility without generating tension on the jaw.

Ken Moi Double bamboo case

Price €15.00
Double reed mouth harp. Lower sound. Unlike conventional mouth harps, this one does not need to be in contact with the teeth. Very easy to play. Made of brass, with a silk-lined bamboo cover. Made in Vietnam. Length: 10cm approx

Ken Moi Triple Deluxe

Price €20.00
The metal body of this instrument is thick and tough. Its harmonics are intense and pures. It includes a wooden case with magnetic closure. Fun and easy to play! Size: approx 12,5cm / 4.9"