Enki Kigonki

Melodic percussion instrument. It is very easy to play and positive effects in the nervous system due to its sound rich in harmonics. The Kigonki is an artwork itself and one of a kind.

The colors are very special and the fine sound holds very long. Kigonki is a Metall Tongue Drum. These Melodie-Percussion Instruments are beautifully colored by a spanish artist. The fine handicraft together with the precise tuning make these instruments unique.

There are Kigonkis with a simple range of tongues (Enki and Buty models) and others with a doubling of the tongues and notes on the backside (Lulu models), (which makes them extra speric and rich in overtones. The Kigonki can be played by hands or with included sticks.

There are 7 basic models, each one with different tunings and colors, in 440 or 432 Hz

It is posible to get in other keys. Request information about.

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