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Here you have a selection of straps for Brazilian percussion instruments. You can see more models of straps and shoulder straps in our Percussion Accessories section

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Economy 2 hook shoulder strap

Price €7.85
Nylon shoulder strap for percussion instruments. Width 50 mm. Minimum length 87cm. Maximum length 167cm. Adjustable length. One hook at each end. Suitable for snare drum, repènique, timba, little surdos and bass drums.


Price €27.39
50mm wide nylon webbing straps. Safety closure, 2 quick metal hooks and 3 sliders. Padded. For surdo, timba, repenique and other drums. Max. length 128cm and min. 99cm. Waist: maximum length 123cm and minimum 84cm. Now with two club holders made of elastic rubber.