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Nuser valve for bagpipe blowpipe

Price €15.29
A long lasting bagpipe blowpipe valve. It is not necessary to put screws, since it is inserted in the hole of the blowpipe. This must have a suitable diameter, about 10 mm. The rubbers are easily replaced. Includes a spare rubber.

Case for reeds

Price €15.50
New case for transporting reeds. Made of hard plastic, lockable. Capacity for 10 redes from D to G. It has two holes with cover to incorporate a gel that slowly releases moisture. Ideal for hot weather.


Price €70.00
It keeps the moisture in the reed. The sound of the bagpipes is sweeter since we have a few minutes playing, because the reed is acquiring the moisture from the bellows.

Velvet cover - Colors: black, maroon, red, green or blue

Price €96.00
Velvet cover (dress) for Galician bagpipes Colours: black, maroon, red, green or navy blue... If you are looking for another colour, check availability Fringes: black, green, green/black, blue, red, red/black... If you are looking for another color, check availability This bag is appropriate for our Galician bagpipes due to its size and shape. If you decide to buy a bag for your bagpipe, make sure that its size is the right one, there are different models and bag sizes and if the bag is larger than the dress or does not have the right shape, the pressure can break or unravel the cover.

Flute with Galician bagpipe fingering - wood

Price €73.00
Do you have problems practicing at home with the bagpipes because it makes too much noise? With this flute you can practice fingering without disturbing those around you. Hohner pear wood mouthpiece. Boxwood body (consult other woods). Key: C Includes fabric cover. Made in Spain.