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The whistle is a simple flute traditionally used in Irish music. It is a recorder, generally metallic, with 6 holes. The whole range of whistles ranges from the soprano or sopranino tessitura (in some brands), to the tenor. The term LOW WHISTLE is somewhat diffuse as it refers to a grave tessitura, but it is not clear from which point. There are brands that already call Low Whistle from Bb mezzo soprano to C tenor.

Generation Whistles

Generation whistles have been made in England since Victorian times. They feature a cylindrical brass tube, plain...

Waltons Whistles

Waltons tin whistles are the best-selling whistles in Ireland.

Tony Dixon Whistles

Polymer and ABS whistles, and also aluminium, nickel and brass bodied instruments. Made by Tony Dixon in United...

Goldie Whistles...

Handmade aluminum alloy in Germany by Colin Goldie, a disciple of Bernard Overton, the first manufacturer of Low...

Nightingale Whistles

Nightingale whistles are handcrafted by Alexander Karavaev, a highly experienced musician and luthier. They are...

Susato Whistles

The Susato whistles are built in high-impact ABS plastic.

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