Koshi Chime - Aria (Air)

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The Koshi chime is a small musical instrument similar to tubular wind chimes. It is handcrafted with a bamboo tube that houses 8 metallic sheets of crystalline sound and rich in harmonics. Each model forms a different scale that is associated with an element of nature: Earth, Water, Wind and Fire. The materials are of great quality.

It can be played by holding the upper end and moving it subtly so that a small crystal ball inside it hits the rods and producing that kind of random improvisation that creates the scale to which it is tuned.

You can also hang it on a support so that the wind can shake it at any time and make it sound.


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They are usually used in music therapy, in Yoga (in the relaxation phase), or for the pure pleasure of listening.

We suggest you listen to the sound samples below.

Scale: A C E A B C E B


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