432Hz EARTHTONE FLUTE - Bass D - 432 Hz - cedar

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EarthTone© Bass Flute in the key of "D" minor - 432Hz Frequency Tuning

This flute is crafted from domestic Aromatic Cedar, a softwood, and tuned in the key of "D" minor. The flute is sealed with non-toxic oils which give it a warm, resonant and full voice.
Inlaid Rainbow Moonstone cabochons are featured on the flute with a fetish that symbolizes the circle of life. The engraving is a geometric pattern representing the 432Hz frequency.

This bass flute has a smooth, full voice, making it our most popular bass flute. Even though it has a wonderfully deep voice, the higher register notes still allow it to be a good lead instrument.
This flute is 25.5 inches (64 cm) long.
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In the world of music there has been a revival of tuning instruments to lower frequencies of sound vibration. Until recently, most musical instruments have been tuned so that the "A" note (of the middle octave on a piano) is tuned to 440Hz (Hz = cycles per second). This is known as Concert Pitch and was established as a standard at the beginning of the 20th century. This flute features Rainbow Moonstone inlaid cabochons, a fetish symbolizing the circle of life, and it is engraved with a geometric pattern representing the 432Hz frequency. t is a 6-hole flute, we cover the 3rd hole from the top of the flute (known as the 6th hole) with a
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