The Irish bouzouki is a stringed instrument which is an evolution of the Greek bouzouki, but that it is part of the mandolin family.

Irish Bouzoukis

The Irish bouzouki is an evolution of the Greek bouzouki has become an instrument of the mandolin family. Has the...

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Deluxe Padded Banjo Tenor/Oct Mandola Bag

Price €46.80
Padded gig bag for tenor banjo (4-string banjo) It also works for octave mandola (check measurements) Made in Black nylon, 20mm padding. 2 shoulder straps to carry as a backpack outside pockets Red plush inner lining Approximate dimensions: Length: 88cm. Depth, 10cm, Diameter: 35cm. Made in China

Deluxe Padded Bouzouki/banjo Bag

Price €46.80
Bag for irish bouzouki and 5 strings banjo Black nylon outer with 20mm padding  External pockets - zip and velcro fastened Handle and Adjustable Backstraps Soft padding and red plush interior Approx Internal Dimensions: Length: 98cm Depth: 9.5cm Width: 33cm Made in: China

Premiun Irish Bouzouki / 5 strings banjo Padded Bag

Price €71.70
Case suitable for the largest type of Irish bouzoukis. 20mm padding. Good size exterior pocket. Adjustable neck support. String scratch protection. Comfortable handle with protection. Adjustable padded back straps. Approximate internal dimensions: Length: 97cm Depth: 10.5 cm Width: 36cm Made in China