Monochords instruments

The monochord are formed by a set of strings tuned to the same key. By strumming the strings creates a special sound and enveloping.

It is very interesting application in music therapy.

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Price €852.00
Wood: structure - cherry, soundboard - ash 21 strings: 11 overtones, 5 basses and 5 fifth strings 5 different tunings: D, F, G, A, C Size: 72x21x11cm Weight: 1.9kg Accessories: Incl. tuning key, tuner, spare strings. Small, light, manageable, perfect for on the go Biologically treated with hard wax oil. Made in Germany


Price €1,874.00
Large Concert Monochord: 30 strings on one side; 30 stringed Monochord(b-d'), 12 string Koto (a-b'), Tanpura (c,c',c',g). Playable in horizontal or upright position. Ash & cherry wood, incl. stands. Dimensions: 53 x 12 x 4 "

Monochord Monolina

Price €1,364.00
Wood: cherry frame and ash soundboard 34 Strings: 24 overtone, 5 bass and 5 fifth Melody section with 5 bridges and template for minor or major tuning 5 different tunings: D, F, G, A, C Size: 72 x 33 x 11cm Weight: 2.7kg Small, light, handy - perfect to take everywhere Accessories: includes 5 reeds, major and minor template, 2 drumsticks to play in santoor mode, tuner, tuning key, spare strings Biologically treated with hard wax oil made in Germany