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Price €16.30
String Set for 11-String Arabic Oud. 1st & 2nd - C .022 Clear Nylon 3rd & 4th - G .028 Clear Nylon 5th & 6th - D .026 Silverplated Wound 7th & 8th - A .031 Silverplated Wound 9th & 10th -G   .035 Silverplated Wound 11th - D .040 Silverplated Wound

Sort neck Saz strings set 0.18/0.28

Price €10.00
1 Set Short Neck Baglama String 0.18 / 0.28 651A Saz string is a perfect to beginner, intermediate and musicians.It was made up of stainless steel. & 304;t is high quality. tuning gravity is pretty much and it as soft tone. You can use it longer time than other strings There are seven pieces in a package. Use up to 42.5cm..

Venezuelan Cuatro Aquila strings set

Price €8.30
Venezuelan cuatro strings for standard tuning: B, F#, D, A. Made of Nylgut, a synthetic material patented by Aquila that has mechanical properties similar to those of nylon and carbon, but with the density, color and acoustic qualities of natural gut. The main characteristic of this material is the stability of the tuning against changes in humidity and temperature.

LaBella Greek Bouzouki Strings

Price €21.30
The Greek long-necked bouzouki, is a bowl-backed lute with either 3 or 4 double courses of metal strings tuned d'd'/aa/dd or d'd'/aa/ff'/cc'. 8-String Set (4 Courses) Plain Steel; Stainless Steel Round Wound Loop-Ends String gauges: .010p -.010p, .013p - .013p, .021w-.010p, .031w-.013p Made in the USA with American Wire