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Duallyre, diatonic 12 tones a - e'

Price €235.00
Twelve tone diatonic lyre a-h-c'-d'-e'-f'-g'-a'-h'-c'-d'-e' and bordune lyre. Dimensions: 17.6 x 8.8 x 1.6 inches (44.70 x 22.35 x 4 cms.). THE 12-STRINGED LYRE - can be tuned pentatonic as well as diatonic. In order to simplify orientation this lyre has red and blue strings to make it easier to find the right string. Both the 7-stringed and the 12-stringed lyre can be tuned in open chords and be used as a drone instrument.

Greek lyre Cassiopeia

Price €395.00
The Casiopea lyre is a Greek-type lyre built with the good work of Alberto Mengs, a luthier of recognized prestige for the good work he has been doing for many years. It is a very light lyre with tuning, in principle in C major although it can also be adapted to any other tonality that does not involve a large change in the tension of the strings. This lyre is a melodic and accompaniment instrument, ideal for the voice, playing alone or with other instruments. It allows to create a warm and harmonious environment due to its sound. It is very intuitive when it comes to playing and creating spaces for seclusion and tranquility.