Aquila Ukulele TENOR Regular Tuning, Key of C - GCEA (Nylgut)

VAT included

set / Tenor Ukulele 4-string

g' c' e' a' - Regular Tuning, Key of C
made of NYLGUT
Nylgut strings include promptness of attack, excellent timbre and a truly remarkable stability of intonation.


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The new synthetic material Nylgut® ("synthetic gut") has the same acoustic properties as gut - but without its typical defects - (high cost, limited duration and high instability under varying climatic). Nylgut® has precisely these qualities: allowing one, on the one hand, to rediscover the sonorities familiar to the great 19th and 20th century masters; and guaranteeing, on the other, a stability of tuning higher even than that of the best gut and nylon strings.


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