Xaphoon Pocket - blue color in C

Xaphoon Pocket - blue color in C

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The Xaphoon (pronounced "za foon") is an injection-moulded Xaphoon called "The Pocket Sax" in the key of C. The fingering is very similar to a recorder. It has a two octave chromatic range, and takes a tenor sax reed (included). It comes boxed, with instructions on how to play, a fingering chart, and further information about the instrument. The Xaphoon is for everyone who appreciates awesome sound of the saxophone but doesn't want to carry around a bulky instrument. Its sound falls somewhere between a saxophone and a clarinet, a much richer sound than its size would suggest. The experienced player will find the Xaphoon capable of all the subtle shadings and vibrant power of a saxophone. The beginner will find it fun and easy, and it's good practice for other reed instruments.

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