Gloxkenspiel Straight 12 Tones

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Twelve tone diatonic glockenspiel from c3 to e4. A semi advanced glockenspiel. Enables you to play music containing all whole-notes. For use at home, in school and much more. To obtain the complete chromatic scale, containing ALL tones, this glockenspiel can be put together with the KAH-008, which enables you to play all kinds of advanced music. Comes with a rubber, a wooden and a hard plastic mallet. The hard mallet gives an extreme strong sound which makes it possible to use this glockenspiel together with regular instruments in an orchestra. The hard mallet shall not be used by small children.


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The Glockenspiel exists in many different forms around the globe and belongs to the family of the Idiophones. Many of them can be found in Southeast Asia, for example the Gender from Bali. A relative of the Lithophon, a stone xylophon, from the Stone Age was found in Vietnam. The musicians in Togo took flat stones of different sizes and used smaller stones as beaters.

Auris uses high quality precision tuned brass bars, which have a lovely bell-like sound. Packed in a separate box with wooden mallet.


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