Tam tam Gong - 95cm

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  • Tam Tam Gong 95cm
  • Tam Tam gongs have a curved edge, which makes them have a more concentrated sound, not as expansive as Feng gongs.
  • They have 3 zones with different colors and thicknesses. The center and the rim are black and a central golden area is lowered and therefore finer. 
  • Comes with a traditional-style fabric ball mallet and sturdy rope for hanging
  • Material: 7 metals
  • Rich in harmonics
  • Gong Made in Wuhan (China) in a traditional way
  • The gongs can have different sound even if they are of the same size since the sound also depends on the thickness and any small variation that may have occurred in its construction, as it is handmade. If you are interested in any size, you can request sound samples of those we have available.
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We usually have in stock from 20 to 55cms. The rest can be obtained on request.

The thicker, curved rim strengthens the piece like a drum frame, making the vibration more stable. From a diameter of 45cm, it is convenient to hit it in the golden zone and go from less to more slowly building the sound. It is not good to hit them too hard, as the gong will go from a state of rest to a great vibration, a fact that can damage the ears.

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