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Arpa De Boca Triple Kou Xiang

Price €22.75
This triple brass mouth harp is tuned as a melodic unit. Each one of the three reeds is tuned to a tonic from which you can produce all its harmonics. It can be understood as a pocket polyphonic synthesizer for experimental musicians. The instrument body is so solid that it does not vibrate when played. The reeds allows great movement versatility without generating tension on the jaw.


Price €11.25
Stick for bodhran of bamboo rods. Non-slip rubberized. Professional quality. Length 24 cm. Diameter 17 mm. Rods = 14. Weight of 40 grams. To play modern and traditional style

Cas cas Thelevi (keseng-keseng)

Price €11.00
Small percussion half rattle and half juggling game It consists of two balls/rattles made from the Oncoba Spinosa tree, joined by a cord that is played with one of the two hands. If you want one for each hand, you have to buy two units Also known as Thelevi, Asalato or Keseng-Keseng The Cas Cas is an instrument originating from Ghana It is used to mark the rhythm.

Chak Chak shaker

Price €17.60
Gentle, soothing, enchanting sound. It can be shaken or tapped rhythmically. Ritual instrument from the Andes or meditation, therapy and shamanistic practice. Handmade in Columbia.

Chim Mo To bird block

Price €14.35
Vietnamese instrument made of wood and bamboo. It consists of a hollow block and a beater joined by a bamboo handle. Its sound is deep and vibrant. Fun and easy to play!! Measures: 17cm x 6cm / 6.7" X 2.3"

Dan Moi Bao Go

Price €8.50
Small and light model of great sonority. It comes with a wooden case and the reed is made of brass. It is really easy and fun to play!!! Size: approx. 10cm / 4"